Today’s Issues

  • Overwhelming amounts of “Big Data”
  • Users can’t act on complex data
  • No real-time predictive information
  • Limited screen real estate
  • Screen clutter - cannot see the forest through the trees
  • Multiple systems with limited manpower for oversights
  • Visual clues become visual noise
  • Too much to monitor at the same time

Today’s Approaches

  • Big, complex dashboards
  • Occasional updates (traffic light)
  • Real-time updates which are distracting

Today’s Issues to TransLumen

  • STEGC to reduce visual noise
  • Combine with data aggregation to reduce screen clutter
  • Anomaly detection and predictive alerts
  • Suppress visual change unless critical thresholds are crossed
  • Investigate and prioritize anomalies
  • Drill down to more information