TransLumen creates distributed training tools that augment the training environment. The combination of video, instructional text , augmented reality, VR and STEGC imagery interact enhancing the learning process. Companies benefit by providing competitive learning modules that employees can access on their own time. It supports additional training outside of traditional classroom and field training. Interactive tools can be distributed through secure websites or company app stores and deployed on mobile devices.

“Effective gamification is a combination of game design, game dynamics, behavioral economics, motivational psychology, UXcation/UI (User Experience and User Interface), neurobiology, technology platforms, as well as ROI-driving business implementations.”

-- Yu-kai Chou, Actionable Gamification: Beyond Points, Badges & Leaderboards  

“Player-centric design should incorporate overlapping business and player objectives. These Interrelated objectives motivate players to achieve their goals consistent with business” goals.

-- Doug Siefken

TransLumen creates gamified mobile distributed training applications.


Showcasing interactive experiences to increase learning effectiveness and retention that leverages classroom materials and better prepares the user for high fidelity simulators and operational environments. Low fidelity interactive tools are easy to use, easy to repeat and easy to learn. Distributed training through gamification can be developed rapidly, is affordable to maintain and operate, and is highly configurable and adaptable.


TransLumen Gamification Demos.