Fluid Stills® Art Gallery Filters

Fluid Stills® ART GALLERY FILTERS – Bring digital art to life and create a mashup with your music!   A choice of Fluid Stills® Art Gallery filters will be offered to customers as an app download. Artwork or photos will pass through the Fluid Stills® filters selected by the subscriber to mash with their music.


Two options will be offered for the Art Gallery integration:

  • Fluid Stills® Art Gallery Lite: Free introductory sample app – allows for art to be converted with three filters and rendered out with Fluid Stills®. This will be set to video lengths consistent with music.
  • Fluid Stills® Art Gallery Premium: Upgraded app – allows for art to be converted through several filters based upon the length of each song. Art and filter packs will allow you to possess a new experiential art form.

Take a photo using a digital camera or phone, or upload your art. Use the app to process your creation and receive a unique Fluid Stills® video for display on your TV, computer or mobile device.