Benefits to Advertisers

Fluid Stills® can be used to create ambient digital content that is displayed on billboards, transit displays, kiosks, street furniture, video walls, mobile, websites and myriad of other platforms.

  • Visually stunning “WOW” factor for outdoor advertising
  • Provides a highly viable option when video options are limited or banned
  • Ambient experience for longer visits; encouraging incremental purchases
  • A community ambient environment with variations in the brand messaging
  • Eliminates consumer filtering of redundant video and print type advertising
  • Boost brand retention
  • Provides advertisers reusable content as a baseline approach for additional brands
  • Mitigates “visual noise” which is an argument used by opponents of digital billboards. Yet it allows more unique views of content (17,280 over 24 hours)
  • Can be day-parted

Fluid Stills® can help an advertiser literally exploit the concept of Multiple Impression Persistent Media.  This concept is based on displaying a number of unique images/ad views in the same display space, but in a smooth, constant and visually stunning manner. 

It is especially effective when consumers are in a waiting/idle state, such as while waiting for a bus, in traffic, in a public space or in a room such as a restaurant, nightclub, hospital, lobby or sports arena.